“Google is doing this to take over the web, and to remove HTTP” & “Google is just doing this for them”

No Google is not. They are following the lead of the other browsers like FireFox and Safari. Google is just doing what the users of the web are asking it to do. We in the security field are asking for a HTTPS always web to protect users. Thats why over we are passing 75% of pages are loaded over HTTPS.

According to Google’s HTTPS encryption transparency report, over 70 percent of pages loaded in the US are using HTTPS in Chrome in 2017.

Did you know Firefox actually started a lot of this by marking any page with a input even a search box as Not Secure on the top of the browser. Safari also added this in the Developer builds in MacOS Mojave. This is nothing new, Google is just pushing for a HTTPS only web like the other browsers.