What is this site

Users and security experts around the web are pushing for a more secure and safe web, but some “tech” people are against it. This site is about publishing resources and articles related to dispelling the common shared reasons why not to move to HTTPS. This site is inspired by https://doesmysiteneedhttps.com and uses a similar layout.


What is this site built on?

This site is hosted on NodeHost, using DNS by CloudFlare, with a local TLS by Let’s Encrypt. Only links to credible content will be used on this site and all content is open to review and updates by other security experts.


I have a better resource or idea for content.

Awesome email it in and I will get it added! [email protected]


Does this site not need to mention GDPR?

We actually are not selling anything, we do not use Cookies for tracking as we don’t even have a basic analytics script on this site. It’s a free and no credit needed resource to help people navigate the world of HTTPS.


Are my links to and from this site tracked, is my usage tracked?

No, view the source, it contains NO tracking scripts of any kind, no Google analytics as this is a free NO credit resource.